Save With Industrial Steel Stairs Versus Traditional

In addition to offering complete building construction services that include framing, ecospan and Hambro floor systems to door and window installation, Extreme Construction also offers stair construction.

From traditional, industrial steel stairs to alternating tread stairs, there’s a solution to every project need.

Benefits of utilizing steel stairs include

  • Sturdy walkways and safe wear-proof tread from 36” to 48.”
  • Fire resistant
  • Galvanized, aluminum or powder coated steel that won’t sag, bend or rust
  • Can be utilized exterior stairs, fire escape or for interior climbing
  • OSHA compliant
  • Flexible design and finish to provide a wide array of options
  • Sustainable, recyclable materials available
  • Pre-fabricated to allow quicker installation

With steel stairs, you have the convenience to design your mid-rise interior space as you see fit with the knowledge that your walkways are safe and sturdy. Industrial steel stairs are thin but extra sturdy, which allows for more open spacing to walk over pipes, conveyors and other obstacles without issue.

With Extreme Construction you’ll keep your stairway and other construction costs low. Contact us to find out how we can save time, labor and money for your industrial steel stairs and general stair construction.