Cold Form Stick Framing

How CFS Stick Framing Will Keep Your Building Costs Lower

Extreme Construction utilizes (CFS) cold form steel stick framing for a majority of our mid-rise projects as opposed to more traditional steel framing, CFS stick framing is economical, quick, and easily adaptable, helping make developments stay on budget and on time.

Fast to erect, adaptable to any weather, and rustproof, using CFS stick framing allows for your construction plans to stay on target and budget.

What is Cold Form Steel Stick Framing?

  • Includes members of light-frame building construction made of sheet steel
  • Used for wall studs, floor joists, rafters, and truss members
  • Most common is a lipped channel, with “Z”, “C”, tubular, “hat” and other shapes

Advantages of using CFS Stick Framing

  • Sustainable, recyclable materials
  • Fixed costs due to prefabricated materials
  • Non-combustible
  • Pest (termite) and rustproof
  • Flexible and adaptive
  • Will not shrink or creeping due to weather
  • Lightweight making easy transport and limiting additional material costs
  • High strength and rigidity Flexible with the floor systems, using cold form steel stick framing has helped Extreme Construction become the largest installer in the entire East Coast. Contact us to see how we can help you save time and money on your next building project.