Panelized Bearing Walls

Sustainable Light Steel Framing In Conventional Framing Walls

As opposed to conventional framing walls, the use of light gauge steel is a cost-effective way to keep your building costs low, while increasing the speed and ease of development. Extreme Construction is a full-service builder of mid-rise projects in the tri-state area using light steel framing to help keep expenses low.

There are many advantages of using steel frame construction with your mid-rise developments. From durability, economy and speed of the erection, light steel framing offers tremendous advantages over conventional wall framing.

The Advantages include

  • Faster installation to save time, labor and construction material costs No specialized labor or expensive retooling needed
  • Lighter, more durable building materials than traditional concrete or structural steel
  • Less foundational costs due to the lighter materials supported above the foundation
  • Flexible wall and construction design options
  • Rust, pest and fire resistant
  • Recyclable materials to assist with sustainability needs (USGBC and LEED certification compliant). With traditional concrete and structural steel used for wall framing, the costs can become tremendous. With utilizing light steel framing, Extreme Construction saves on labor, time for construction and money on building costs. Contact us to see how we can help save for you as well.