CFS Steel Trusses

Trusses are central to the structural integrity of your building development. There are several different types of trusses used, from wood to metal trusses, and finding the best for your needs is what Extreme Construction can do for your project needs.

The primary difference between wood and metal trusses are that with metal roof trusses, they are economical and sustainable, helping meet USGBC and LEED certification guidelines.

Features of Metal Trusses

  • Typically pre-made that helps speed up the erection of the roof truss
  • Engineered to be flexible for you specific truss needs
  • Expedited set-up allows for quicker inspection time
  • Recyclable materials for sustainability concerns

The most common type of truss used is the “A” frame, but for other mid-rise projects, there are different kinds of roof trusses to consider. Depending on your mid-project needs, Extreme Construction has the roof trusses you need.

Most Common Types of Roof Trusses for Your Mid-rise Construction

  • Cathedral
  • Tray Ceilings
  • Attic Storage
  • Flat

From restaurants to apartment complexes, to banks and retail stores, there’s a truss that fits your mid-rise needs. Let the dedicated team at Extreme Construction show you which metal trusses are the best to fit your needs and to stay on budget.