About Us

Extreme Construction Inc. was formed in 2001 by Daniel Bossi whose been in the Panelized System business since 1986. We have become the largest Hambro, EcoSpan, and ComSlab floor system installer in the country, as well as the largest erector of Pre-Panelized CFS Load Bearing Walls. We pride ourselves on our fast and economical production of high-density, mid-rise buildings on the East Coast.

Our annual production averages more than 3 million square feet, and we have also been recognized for our stick frame light-gauge, load-bearing walls; curtain walls; window walls; and installation of floor and roof systems from various manufacturers.

One of Extreme Construction Inc.’s key factors to success have been loyalty, by developing and maintaining excellent relationships with every client and employee has resulted in our long-term success.

Knowing the construction industry from top to bottom allows Extreme Construction Inc. to approach your project with an eye to the big picture. We know how even the smallest aspects of a project can influence everything else, and we will work to ensure your project finishes on time and on budget.

In 2016, Extreme Construction Inc. merged with Premiere HSFC, which was founded in 2004. This merger allows us to better serve our clients and continue to provide the top-quality construction projects they deserve.