Cost-Efficient Hambro Floor Systems

As the largest Hambro floor system installation company in the tri-state area, at Extreme Construction we understand the value of saving money with project costs and the need to avoid overruns.

Benefits of the Hambro Floor Systems:

  • Simple assembly: Easy and fast to install to keep your labor costs low
  • Acoustical: Proven acoustic properties to eliminate additional noise compliance materials
  • Fire Resistant: Multiple fire rating protection
  • Economical: The Hambro floor system works with light gauge load-bearing walls to help save on building materials
  • Spacious mechanical chase ways: easy openings for mechanical systems and HVAC needs
  • Long spans: joists can span up to 43’ without additional shoring
  • Customized design: made to order for specifics of each load requirement
  • Flexibility: works with all framing needs and sizes.

Don’t let your floor construction choices lead to unnecessary cost overruns. As the largest tri-state installer of the Hambro floor systems, Extreme Construction will help with keeping your production costs low and your budgets in the black. Contact Extreme Construction and let us help you make the best choice for your project.