The Right Kind of Joist

With all the details in your building project, your selection of the type of joists used shouldn’t be a difficult one. By using metal bar joists, Extreme Construction can lower the potential for project and budget cost overruns.

The advantages of building with any bar joist in construction can vary from the economy of the project to the ability to pass inspection. With metal bar joists, the advantages can save on time, labor, and money in the long run of your project.

The Major Advantages to Metal Bar Joists

  • Load bearing: High strength to weight ratio
  • Strong: Made of galvanized steel to provide solid, rigid support
  • Economical: eliminates excess materials
  • Durable: Won’t rust, expand, shrink or contract due to weather
  • Sustainable: Made from recyclable materials to help meet LEED certification and U.S. Green Building Council requirements

Additional benefits of using metal joists over traditional:

  • Built for specific jobs to cut costs on materials
  • Won’t require specialized labor or expensive retooling
  • Lightweight
  • Spacing built-in for HVAC, mechanical, sprinkler and plumbing systems
  • Additional spacing built-in for electric and technological lines without reducing structural integrity

The benefits of utilizing metal bar joists in your construction are many. Contact Extreme Construction to let us show you how to save money with your bar joists.