Save Time And Money Using Panelized Bearing Walls

With all building projects, meeting all the OSHA and regulatory agencies requirements can be expensive. With larger developments those expenditures eat into both your budgets and time. Extreme Construction utilizes a number of sustainable and full-service practical solutions for mid-rise projects to help you save your time and more important, your money.

With larger buildings, the budget difficulty is common with material costs and structural integrity of the load bearing walls.

With panelized bearing walls, your project costs will be cut while the durability of your project is never in question.

Panelized Bearing Walls Offer:

• Variety of gauges to meet load-bearing needs and lateral loads requirements like wind shear and earthquake.
• Sustainability friendly due to fewer materials used
• Economical due to higher tensile strength using less building materials
• Expansive utility punches to facilitate mechanical and electrical systems
• Combination of interior and exterior sheathing for insulation needs that meets fire safety regulations.

By using panelized bearing walls, Extreme Construction lowers the building costs of their mid-rise projects, while ensuring the durability of the structures. Let the team at Extreme Construction discuss with you all the options they offer to help save you money on your building needs.