Light Gauge Cold Formed Steel: The Cost Effective Solution with Conventional Framing

In addition to offering the Ecospan and Hambro Floor Systems, Extreme Construction also provides conventional framing, making Extreme Construction the full-service solution for your mid-rise building needs.

With building codes permitting steel to be used in mid-rise developments, Extreme Construction uses light gauge, cold formed steel for our framing to lower material costs while increasing the structural strength, making light gauge a cost effective alternative to expensive concrete and traditional structural steel systems.

Benefits of Using Light Gauge in Conventional Framing

• Highest strength-to-weight ratio means fewer material costs
• Cold formed steel is lighter than traditional steel reducing the amount of cement needed in foundations
• Load bearing walls are structurally stronger
• Wider stud spacing cuts material building costs by 20%

By using light gauge steel with conventional framing methods, Extreme Construction can erect and frame mid-rise developments quickly, safely and cost effectively. Contact us to discuss how we can help you save money on your next mid-rise project.