As a specialized mid-rise builder, Extreme Construction utilizes many important techniques such as the Hambro Floor System, and Cold form steel (CFS) stick framing to help keep labor and material costs low so you can do away with short term loans.
Compared to traditional truss roof framing that lacks flexibility and adaptability, conventional stick framing for a roof allows the builder many unique benefits and options.

Benefits of CFS stick framing include:

  • Flexible: Used for a number of roof frames, adaptable for future building plans
  • Ample space: Additional space under the roof allowing for storage, HVAC, and other mechanical systems. Helps eliminate unnecessary labor overruns by allowing ease of installation of mechanical, electrical and other systems
  • Cost effective: Cheaper to install than roof trusses by removing unnecessary materials with material cost predetermined prior to installation
  • Quick: Easy to erect, without specialized labor or expensive retooling
  • Safe: Fire resistant to many URL standards

With conventional stick framing, your mid-rise building plans become cost-efficient, adaptable, and easy to erect. Find this is just one example that Extreme Construction is saving you time, labor and money on your building projects. Contact a team member to see how we can help you save on your roofing solutions.